Stress is now recognised as one of the most prevalent and serious work-related health problems. It is associated with psychosocial hazards and represents a challenge for effective health and safety management due to the constantly changing nature of work in today's knowledge-based economy. Prevention of work stress is among the priorities of the European Commission as stated in the Health and Safety policy published in March 2002. The European Agency of Health and Safety at work devoted to the work-related stress in 2002 a European week and an information campaign with the slogan "Working on Stress".

Although there are some studies on occupational stress, they are in a technical language, oriented to Occupational Psychologists and Occupational Physicians, as well as for Health & Safety technicians and it is not easy reading and interpretation for employers and employees.

It is necessary to remember that nearly one in three of Europe workers, more than 40 million people, report that they are affected by stress at work. This subject is responsible for millions of lost working days every year. The figures speak for themselves, but far too many victims suffer in silence and too many companies don't realise the extent to which stress can affect their business performance.

In this context, prevention of stress is a high relevance topic to be address in a formal, non formal, informal vocational training and at the workplace trying to create appropriate environments to facilitate continuing learning.


The objective of this project is to create an e-Learning environment, in the context of an educational quiz game comprising the assessment of work-related stress considering employers and employees, a stress risk assessment tool regarding all the company, and didactic contents in order to identify stress prevention and reduction measures. The content will be based in the deliverables of the project SPA - Stress Prevention Activities and the tool WEST - Work Environment Screening Tool.

The main objectives of the NO STRESS project are:

  • to support improvements in quality and innovation in vocational education and training systems, institutions and practices;
  • to support the development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning;
  • to promote effective risk assessment and prevention of work-related stress and training related stress;
  • to involve all key interested parties (social partners, employers, employees of companies, occupational physicians and technicians and other experts) in the activities of the project;
  • to provide a tool that allows occupational technicians and physicians to simply assess work related stress risk.
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